Sunday, December 13, 2020

Free group distance Reiki session Wednesday evening at 7pm (Central Time USA)

As a gift of love and care during this trying time of holiday separations, illness, pandemic, loneliness, and hope, I'm hosting a free group distance reiki session on Wednesday evening at 7pm (central time USA). 

This will last approximately 30 minutes. If you wish to be included, comment yes. If you want specific intentions address, please list them or hold them personal to you. My intentions include peace and hope, love and kindness.

Find a comfortable place, get quiet and focus on your intentions (soft music may help and is fine), and open yourself to receive the universal healing energy of Reiki. 

When the time has passed, please drink a glass of water and reflect on your experience. I encourage to write some notes for yourself as you may gain needed clarity or inspired actions steps on your intentions. 

This is all it takes. Be an open vessel for the physical and spiritual to communicate. 


Reiki Master Nan

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