Hello, I am Reiki Master & Practitioner Nan.I received my Usui Ryoho Reiki Shinpiden Master & Teacher Level Certification in 2014.
At present, I offer Distance Reiki sessions. Healing energy transcends location, distance, and time.  If you forget the time of the session, do not worry, be open to the energy and ​it will find you. I enjoy energy healing work and love helping others, so I look forward to performing your distance ​Reiki treatment sessions. Namaste. 
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Please send your message to Reiki Nan through the Contact Form in the Right Column of any page. If you are leaving feedback, feel free to leave it there also.


I am not a licensed physician, nor do I practice medicine. I do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent, or treat any disease or illness. This healing energy work is not meant as a substitution or replacement for regular medical treatment. If you are under a physician's care, please continue to follow the advice of your doctor. Reiki is a complementary therapy, not intending to replace your normal medical advice or conventional treatment/medication. Please speak to your medical team of your intent to use Reiki alongside your traditional therapies. This energy work is always offered with love and intention for your highest and best good. You participate based on your own judgment and by your own choice.
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